How to create a new PCI?

Peer Community in calls for the creation of new PCIs

PCI’s goal is to cover as many scientific disciplines as possible in order to give scientists control of the publishing system. We are therefore calling for the creation of new PCIs in any discipline or scientific field.

Basically, this involves setting up a managing board and bringing together a large number of “recommenders” (people who agree to act as editors) to ensure the organisation of the preprints evaluations that will be submitted to their PCI. The proposed PCI may be highly specialized (eg PCI Medical Entomology) or very generalist (eg PCI Physics).

Proposals will be evaluated by the PCI organization. Once a project is validated, the founders of the new PCI will benefit at no cost of:
– a support for contacting researchers to join their PCI
– a fully operational website dedicated to their PCI
– a logistical support from the PCI organisation for managing the website and answer related questions.

Interested? Need further explanation on how to proceed? Please contact us at


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