Peer Community In

“Peer Community in” (PCI) is a non-profit scientific organization that aims to create specific communities of researchers reviewing and recommending, for free, unpublished preprints in their field.

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Image Credits

The network image was drawn by Martin Grandjean: A force-based network visualization - CC BY-SA.


Here is the list of the different Peer Communities in already created, hosting recommendations and peer-reviews of preprints and ready to receive your submissions

PCI Evolutionary Biology

Peer Community in Evolutionary Biology

PCI Ecology

Peer Community in Ecology

PCI Paleontology

Peer Community in Paleontology

PCI Animal Science

Peer Community in Animal Science

PCI Zoology

Peer Community in Zoology

PCI Circuit Neuroscience

Peer Community in Circuit Neuroscience

PCI Genomics

Peer Community in Genomics

PCI Mathematical & Computational Biology

Peer Community in Mathematical & Computational Biology

PCI Forest & Wood Sciences

Peer Community in Forest & Wood Sciences

PCI Archaeology

Peer Community in Archaeology

PCI Network Science

Peer Community in Network Science in start-up phase

PCI Registered Reports

Peer Community in Registered Reports

PCI Ecotoxicology and Environmental Chemistry

Peer Community In Ecotoxicology and Environmental Chemistry

PCI Infections

Peer Community In Infections