Peer Community In

“Peer Community in” (PCI) is a non-profit scientific organization that aims to create specific communities of researchers reviewing and recommending, for free, unpublished preprints in their field.

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The network image was drawn by Martin Grandjean: A force-based network visualization - CC BY-SA.

PCI structure & history

The Peer Community In initiative includes:

•The PCI association

•The various thematic PCIs

Peer Community Journal

The Peer Community In association

The PCI association is a not-for-profit and non-commercial organisation created in December 2016. Its members are scientists, and it is managed by scientists, for scientists. See the statutes of the association (in French) and its internal rules (in French).


The PCI association is made up of


The roles of the PCI association are to define the strategy of PCI, to create/abolish thematic PCIs and to fund and organise the functioning of the various thematic PCIs and Peer Community Journal.

The PCI association is supported by more than 100 research institutions. See the description of its economic model.

The various thematic Peer Community In

Each thematic PCI includes:

  • Many recommenders, playing a role analogous to that of journal editors
  • A managing board (periodically renewed)
  • A representative of the managing board, member of the PCI association
  • A few administrators (usually the founders of the thematic PCI) responsible for dealing with technical problems and administrative issues.


External actors not belonging to PCI make the thematic PCIs work: authors submit articles, reviewers evaluate articles and users read evaluations.


The role of the thematic PCIs is to organise the evaluation of preprints in their field and, for the texts accepted, to publish a recommendation text with the reviews, converting the recommended text into a final, valid and citable article.

See the list of the thematic PCIs.

The Peer Community Journal

The Peer Community Journal (starting fall 2021) is endowed with:

  • An editorial board (composed of all the managing boards of all the thematic PCIs)
  • An executive board (the members of the board of PCI)
  • A managing co-ordinator
Its role is to publish any article recommended by a thematic PCI, if so requested by the authors. It is a diamond open-access journal. See the description of Peer Community Journal.


History of PCI

PCI was founded in December 2016 by 3 INRAE’s scientists, Denis Bourguet, Benoit Facon and Thomas Guillemaudwith the aim of regaining control of the scientific publication process and disconnecting it from financial issues. Marjolaine Hamelin then joined PCI as Support Officer in 2021.