Code of conduct

Recommenders and reviewers of Peer Community in X (PCI X) must agree to comply with the following rules:

  1. Recommenders for PCI X and reviewers should be free from financial conflicts of interest relating to the articles they evaluate.
  2. Recommenders for PCI X and reviewers should be as free as possible from non-financial conflict of interests relating to the articles they evaluate, although this may appear difficult due to the necessary scientific interest. For instance, recommenders of for PCI X and reviewers should not evaluate articles written by close colleagues (with whom they have published in the last four years, with whom they have received joint funding in the last four years, or with whom they are currently writing a manuscript, or submitting a grant proposal), or written by family members, friends, or anyone for whom bias might affect the nature of their recommendation.
  3. Reviews, recommendations, comments and messages should always be respectful to the authors.
  4. Reviewers and recommenders should write high-quality reviews and recommendations, respectively. Reviews should be deep and detailed enough to allow the recommender for PCI X handling the recommendation process to understand fully the qualities, defects and caveats of the article. Texts (reviews, recommendations, comments, messages to authors) will be returned to reviewers and recommenders for PCI X if they do not respect these rules.
  5. Recommenders for PCI X and reviewers must ensure that the data for recommended preprints are available to the readers, through deposition in an open data repository, such as Zenodo, Dryad or institutional repositories, for example. Deposited data must have a digital object identifier (DOI). They must also verify that details of the quantitative analyses (e.g. data treatment and statistical scripts in R, bioinformatic pipelines scripts, etc.) in the recommended preprints are available to the readers, as appendices or supplementary online materials (in this case, the supplementary material must have a digital object identifier (DOI)), for example.

The Managing Board of PCI X has the right to exclude recommenders from PCI X if they do not respect these rules.


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