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“Peer Community in” (PCI) is a non-profit scientific organization that aims to create specific communities of researchers reviewing and recommending, for free, unpublished preprints in their field.

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A collection of subjective and biased tweets revealing their authors’ love for PCI

“Our paper has been recommended by @PCIEvolBiol . Once again, this was a wonderful experience and I strongly recommend everyone to submit their work to @PCIEvolBiol!!!

Joël Meunier, Cnrs (25/02/2021)

“I am very excited that my preprint has been recommended by @PCI_AnimSci! It was a very easy and uncomplicated process!”

Claudia Kasper, Agroscope (15/12/2020)

“Always great to get your work out. First time via @PeerCommunityIn system: a good experience, I am happy to have contributed to this #OpenScience alternative.

Miguel Navascués, Inrae (26/10/2020)

“totally agree, PCI is showing the way of how we can have a suitable alternative to classic journals; I have a paper, it has been reviewed (and all info is transparent and accessible), what else do I need?

Matteo Fumagali, Imperial college London (14/07/2020)

“The @PeerCommunityIn is one of the most innovative & exciting current initiatives in scholarly communication & #openscience, bravo to @QueffelecAlain1 et al. for bringing it to archaeology! Take a look at:  ”

Ben Marwick, University of Washington (05/07/2020)

“I really recommend to every scientists that value #OpenScience to submit their next papers to @PCIEvolBiol, it was a great and pleasant experience.”

Jonathan Romiguier, Cnrs (8/02/2021)

“Big thank you to two anonymous reviewers who provided in-depth feedback and helped improve this work via @PCIEvolBiol    –  inspiring to see how peer review can work well in a preprint-first publishing world!”

Grey Monroe, University of California, Davis (31/01/2021)

“Pushed waves are just the best !

Thanks a lot to @benflips and @PCIEvolBiol for this beautiful recommendation

Elodie Vercken, Inrae (16/12/2020)

“The associated recommendation is absolutely lovely and a nice way to finish a let’s say very special work year

Maxime Dahirel, PostDoc Inrae 16/12/2020

“This was my first experience (as recommender) w/ @PCIEvolBiol and I highly recommend it.

David Rasmussen, North Carolina State University (11/12/2020)

A high-quality, impartial, and transparent reviewing process. All free (as in free beer) and #openaccess

What else do we need?”

Samuel Alizon, Cnrs (11/12/2020)

@PCIEvolBiol should be the future if funding agencies and universities stop looking at impact factors to evaluate your CV @DORAssessment

Luis Castañeda, University of Chile (26/11/2020)

@PCIEvolBiol initiatives should be the future anyway

David Duneau, PostDoc, Université Toulouse III (26/11/2020)

“really excited to share my first recommendation for @PCIEvolBiol It was a great experience, everything is transparent, great communication and real sense of community between authors, reviewers, “editor” and “journal”. Way to go for sustainable publishing!”

Matteo Fumagall, Imperial College Londoni (26/10/2020)

@PCIEvolBiol it! That will move it forward.”

Thomas Couvreur, IRD (13/09/2020)

“This already exists, it’s called @PCIEvolBiol   

Free, high quality reviews of pre-prints. Nobody pays, or is paid, for it. Many prominent evolutionary biologists contribute to this venture. Please check it out”

Ana Rivero, Cnrs (11/09/2020)

“Now the process: we first sent the preprint to @PCIEvolBiol, and this was a highly rewarding experience, as usual; see the constructive reviews and Martin Lascoux’s recommendation.  1/n2”

Nicolas Galtier, Cnrs (27 Aout 2020)

Really great experience to submit our work to @PCIEvolBiol , pushing us to make this study of the best quality possible ! From traits to gene expression and from lab experiments to field collections, a really wide breadth study from @INRAE_UMR_DGIMI .”

Nicolas Negre, University of Montpellier (25/06/2020)

“Delighted to support @PCIEvolBiol and experience their professionalism & dedication, + the sterling efforts of Dustin Brisson & referees whose contributions led to a much improved paper.  This is how scientific publishing should be: by the community and for the community!

Rainey Lab, Max Planck Institute for Evol Biol (5/05/2020)

“The paper I wrote with @StephanPeischl on evolutionary rescue in the presence of gene flow has been recommended by @PCIEvolBiol! It was a very good experience, and very high quality editorial work.”

Matteo Tomasini, PostDoc, University of Gothenburg (18/04/2020)

“The first -first-author paper of my PhD thesis was recently peer-reviewed by the @PCIEvolBiol and it was a super great experience! Thanks @MarenWellenreut for acting as recommender of the paper :)”

Alan Le Moan, PostDoc, University of Gothenburg (03/04/2020)

“And thanks @PCIEvolBiol for the relevant and constructive reviews which clearly improved the paper !”

Etienne Danchin, Inrae (23/01/2020)

“Have you tried @PCIEvolBiolMuch faster, and more humane.”

Ben Philips, University of Melbourne (18/11/2019)

“Our preprint ( is now recommended by Thomas Bataillon in @PCIEvolBiol (Link to recommendation: Comments by reviewers considerably helped us to improve our MS. We highly recommend fellow researchers to give PCI a try !

Thomas Lesaffre, PhD Student, University of Lille (26/03/2019)

“Félix Geoffroy’s first PhD paper, on the quantitative limits of cooperation evolving by partner choice, with @baumard_nicolas, has now been recommended in @PCIEvolBiol ! Thanks to @akcayerol, the reviewers, and the PCI team for their thorough and transparent review process.

JB André, Cnrs (13/01/2019)

I would love to see something along the lines of @PCIEvolBiol for our field. Seems like that could save a lot of people a lot of time.”

Alex Perkins, University of Notre Dame (03/10/2018)

“Our #preprint on seahorse pop gen has just been accepted for a recommandation in @PCIEvolBiol by @yanivbrandvain himself (the recommendation is still pending though).

I am much more excited than ever when a paper was accepted in a standard journal. This system is just awesome!

Nicolas Bierne, Cnrs (03/09/2018)

“All this to say: submit your preprint to @PCIEvolBiol you won’t be disappointed

Nicolas Bierne, Cnrs (03/09/2018)

“Just submitted my first review to @PCIEvolBiol, very nice interface. I love the concept too, of course 😉

Leonardo Martins, Quadram Institute (05/07/2018)

“Great paper by @Th_Lenormand et al and a very constructive review process with @PCIEvolBiol

Helen Alexander (03/06/2018)

“Our latest work just peer-reviewed and recommended! First time with @PCIEvolBiola refreshing and all around great experience.”

Andrew Helmstetter, PostDoc CESAB (11/03/2020)

The extraordinary work done by @PeerCommunityIn is slowly but surely being recognized. #PeerCommunityIn is paving the way to a more accessible and democratic research. I’m a proud recommended of @PCI_Ecology and honnered to take part to this fantastic journey.

Cédric Hubas, MNHN (22/09/2020)

“Check out our (@adams_smart, @benflips et al) recent @PCI_Ecology recommended paper. Thank you guys for an excellent, transparent, thorough #OpenScience #PeerReview experience! Also, thank you to @DenisREALE for the detailed and encouraging recommendation. Very much appreciated.”

Chris Jolly, PostDoc Charles Sturt University (9/08/2020)

“We (@shivanim675, E. Huchard & I) received a very helpful & supportive recommendation @PCI_Ecology (…) of our #preregistation […]”

Dieter Lukas, Max Planck Institute Evol Anthropology (13/07/2020)

“Cool paper

Reviewing for @PCI_Ecology  was a nice experience

Bastien Castagneyrol, Inrae (23/03/2020)

“V happy to have peer-reviewed a great paper, and even more so for being an active participant of @PCI_Ecology: transparent and high-standards peer-reviewing, at zero cost to authors, immediate open access. The future of scientific publication is already here. #OpenScience

Ana Rodrigues, Cnrs (7/03/2020)

“Having already benefited from the rigorous peer-reviewing process of @PCI_ecology as an author, it was great to participate as a reviewer this time.

Ana Rodrigues, Cnrs (7/03/2020)

“I’ve had a great experience with @PCI_Ecology, the open peer review is excellent and an interesting additional perspective on the value of Morgan’s canon in the reccomendation letter too”

Ben Farrar, PhD Student, University of Cambridge (1/02/2020)

“A big thank you to our Recommender (editor) @AlizalR @PCI_Ecology for thorough & speedy handling! Thank you also to @MatthewPetelle & an anonymous review for their excellent feedback which really did make our study better! We’re looking forward to doing the research!”

Corina Logan, Max Planck Institute Evol Anthropology (21/10/2019)

“Wow, this recommendation of our paper on habitat-associated connectivity in Kerguelen mussels by Marianne Elias is awesome. The peer-review process has been very fruitful. @PCIEvolBiol is going to become one of the only two ways to publish, society journals or PCI..”

Nicolas Bierne, Cnrs (16/11/2018)