Use templates (word docx template and a latex template) to format your article in a PCI style when it is recommended. Here are the links of the templates:


For word

PCI Evol Biol: Model_article_PCI_Evol_Biol w badges

PCI Ecol: Model_preprint_PCI_Ecology_w_badge

PCI Paleo: Model_article_PCI_Paleo w badges


For latex


For latex, main.tex and sample.bib should be filled.


For all templates

Please be careful to correctly update all text in these templates (doi, authors’ names, address, title, date, recommender first name and family name …).

Indicate in the “cite as” box the version of the article that has been recommended.

If some of the reviewers are anonymous, indicate for example “Albert Ayler and two anonymous reviewer”.